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How many people do you impact with your charitable work?

We are currently seeing a recent increase in requests due to the COVID-19 Response.
This number is changing daily so please follow us once we can grasp the depth of the current needs. We will report back to update everyone here as soon as we can.

If I make a donation, can I decide what my money is used for?

You will be deciding to help those in the local community with quality food. Know that our staff is completely volunteer based and with low overhead costs, nearly every dollar donated goes directly toward feeding those in need of assistance.

How is Lapel Community Food Pantry different than other Madison County area charities?

Currently we are limited to assisting families only in the townships of Green, Jackson and Stoney Creek so we are targeting areas that we can impact most effectively based on our size and current capicity.

How can I become a member of the team or donate or just get involved?

Please take a moment to fill out our sign up genius form online . For those who would rather make a monetary donation simply use the donate button on top right of this page.

If interested in helping would I need to complete any forms or meet any particular criteria?

Depending on the particular job you are applying for you may need to be able to lift as much as fifty (50) pounds. Also be sure to fill out and sign our application and bring it to the pantry or mail it to:

Lapel Food Pantry

P.O. Box 626

Lapel, IN 46051

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